Melissa Noriega for Texas state representative district 145

District 145 Map (PDF)



A Democrat with experience and proven leadership, Melissa Noriega has dedicated her life to public service. As a three term city council member, a 27-year veteran of HISD, with extensive involvement in East End neighborhood organizations, Melissa Noriega has the experience to get the job done, on day one. She is a dedicated mother and committed advocate for the advancement of her community in its area of greatest need. She was part of the leadership team that opened the NRG shelter after Hurricane Harvey, and has worked with the regional efforts since, assisting in the city and county restoration and recovery.

Melissa first served in the Texas house in 2005 as a state representative under a 2003 provision that allowed for a stand-in for legislator at war. She served on the Defense Affairs & Homeland Security and Corrections committees, and was named Freshman of the Year by the Democratic Caucus.

She served as VP of Policy and Partnerships at BakerRipley since 2015 and is active on the board of New Hope Housing, former Chair of the East End Foundation/Cultura, a Cultural District partner, and has served on the executive board of her Super Neighborhood.