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Annise Parker; Former Mayor of Houston; Houston, TX; Headshot; City of Houston, sourced from Houston Style Magazine "Melissa Noriega is running on her record of accomplishment in public office and offering her experience in government, education and non-profit leadership. I support Melissa because no other candidate has her breadth of experience. She's already served the residents of this district as a State Representative and as a Council Member--she'll be ready to work from day 1."

—Annise Parker
Former Mayor of Houston, TX
"I've always looked up to Melissa as the example of what it means to serve your community. She has sacrificed so much for Houston both as a Councilwoman and as a State Representative. I know that our community will gain a tireless advocate if she is elected again."

—Representative Gene Wu
Texas House of Representatives for the 137th District
“I served with Melissa Noriega in the Texas House; she has been a smart, thoughtful leader during the challenges of Harvey, and she is a fierce advocate for her community. She will serve District 145 with distinction.”

—Representative Garnet Coleman
Texas House of Representatives for the 147th District
"Melissa has a proven track record of getting things done, working with her colleagues and caring for her constituents. She's an experienced, dedicated leader and that’s exactly what is needed in Austin. "

—Kat Castro-Clemons
President of ROADwomen

"I support Melissa Noriega for state representative District 145 because she is an experienced, effective official. As a former state representative and a three-term Houston city council member at-large this distinguishes her in this race. There will be no learning curve for her in the upcoming legislative session. As a former legislator, her relationship with the new speaker and other members will make a difference in what is going to be a challenging session. Her experience in the educational field interacting with schools will ensure District 145 has a strong voice that will fight for the public education system our children deserve.There is no risk or doubt that she can effectively serve the people of District 145. I served with Melissa on city council and I saw her as Chair of the Public Safety committee deal with difficult issues by finding consensus. A much needed skill in the legislature. Join me in supporting a proven leader..a terrific mother..community activist...friend...Melissa Noriega"

—Hon. Sue Lovell
former Houston city council member
"...as someone who lives in HD145, I’m voting for Melissa Noriega. She’s a dear friend, she’s been there before, she was an excellent member of City Council, I trust her completely."

—Charles Kuffner
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"Melissa's experience as a legislator, council member, non-profit leader and educator means that she will hit the ground running in this important legislative session that is already underway. She will fight for communities, families and children. I can think of no person smarter or more prepared to serve Texas House District 145. "

—Martha Griffin
"Great leader, great life story and great heart plus great parents who lives here in Ft Bend."

—Don Bankston
"I have been following her comments and ideas for quite a while and find her to be one of the fairest, most open minded and common sense people I know. Has great ideas, is very involved with the community and is not afraid of hard work. Is a consensus builder and a unifier."

—Gabriele Merrill
Dear Friends,
I have known Melissa Noriega since she served on Houston City Council. She has a long history of service in HD145 as an elected official and an advocate for all residents. She stands for equality for all in the community and will be an experienced leader who's ready to work for us on day one. She has always been accessible to her constitutes.
Please join me in voting for Melissa Noriega for State Representative House District 145.
Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

—Almeda Dent
Vice-Chair of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats
"I've known Melissa as a neighbor and friend for well over 20 years. She has been helpful with some veterans problems for the city's veterans to my certain knowledge. And as a former Chair of the City Council's Public Safety Committee is very knowledgeable about Public Safety issues, both civil and military.
She's a humble public servant who understates her professional experience and knowledge.
She's intimately familiar with the area's water, flood, and public welfare issues; although she is better known for her career in Education and in Nonprofit work.
I heartily endorse her."

—John C. Crow, MBA
"Melissa Noriega is an extremely valuable asset to the community of south-east Houston. She has deep roots and is a PROVEN leader with a focus on enhancing and getting things done for the southeast end through her experience in city council and past representation of the district. I HIGHLY recommend Melissa Noriega with the utmost regards due to her integrity, drive, and commitment that she will contribute to representing the great people of the southeast end."

—Travis Olson, CPA
"What defines a true servant leader? Integrity, experience, knowledge, commitment, honesty, and genuine love and respect for constituents. Melissa Noriega is all this and more. She is a skilled public servant with real devotion to the people and institutions of the 145th District. I endorse her wholeheartedly. "

—Rachel Dvoretzky
"Melissa Noriega has earned my respect over more than two decades of friendship."

—Paul Hobby
Founder of Genesis Park LLC

CEO of Texas Monthly

"I've known Melissa Noriega for some time. I have always been impressed with her intellect. After interviewing her at the "Inspiring Interviews" event held by the ROADwomen organization, I was completely impressed by her care for all aspects of people's lives. She was more about solutions than ideology. I am sure that is what she would represent standing up as State Congresswoman for the citizens of Texas District 145."

—Egberto Willies
Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies
"Melissa is a fellow educator who has served in the Texas House & Houston City Council. She has an amazing record of public service! Melissa will be a strong advocate for our public school children and teachers."

—Jim Henley
Educator and former elected official
"Melissa is a thoughtful public servant who has great track record of helping people in the Houston area. She will be a great asset in the Texas legislature and a great representative for the residents of HD 145 "

—Vik Verma
Civil Engineer
"A leader we can count on."

—Mustafa Tameez
Outreach Strategists, LLC
"Experience matters. Experience matters when our Democratic representatives must get legislation passed while still in the minority. Experience matters when a crisis like Hurricane Harvey devastates our community in a matter of hours. Experience matters when elected officials must represent every community and understand each one's priorities. The stakes are too high to experiment. Houston needs Noriega's experience now."

—James Cargas
Renewable Energy Expert
"I know that Melissa is a competent, effective public servant because I saw what she did when she filled in for Rick when he was deployed and how hard she worked on Houston City Council. I have spent enough time with her and parents to know that she believes in putting her faith into action. She loves the East End and is a tireless promoter of the neighborhood, just the way it is!"

—Ella Tyler
Democratic advocate
"As my late husband, Senator Mario Gallegos, would have said… 'It doesn’t take a 5th grader with a BIG CHIEF tablet and a number 2 pencil to figure it out…'
Melissa Noriega is the most knowledgable to tackle this challenge. She has the most experience in Austin, but also in Houston as a city council member.
I really can’t see any other candidate being as successful in this seat. Vote for Melissa Noriega to be our next Texas State Representative for HD145"

—Theresa Gallegos
"I've worked with Melissa ever since Census 2000 to educate our community for an accurate census count to help our schools, hospitals, and roads. Melissa's long history of community service speaks volumes about her integrity, commitment, and sincerity. She is highly experienced at coalition building and serving Houston's diverse community. Melissa is the leader Houston needs!"

—Anna Núñez
Community Advocate & HISD mom
"Melissa has what it takes to be a great state rep. Glad to know she will be working for us in Austin."

—Deborah Bell
"Melissa is the right candidate for Houston! I watched her lead, discuss, learn and share with others on topics that were of great value to each party and everyone came away knowing more and being more empathetic and willing to work towards the greater good and not their own self advancement, views and opinions."

—Donna F Cole
American Leadership Forum

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