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Texas has an inequitable school funding system that is overly reliant on property taxes. As a lifelong educator, Melissa knows the importance of solutions that better fund our schools while lowering the property tax burdens of our current school funding system. This includes a pay raise for teachers and close attention to any actions regarding the Teacher Retirement System. 

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District 145 needs streets maintained in better condition, and greater access to public transportation. Melissa will serve as an active and informed advocate of smart solutions to help keep District 145 moving.

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Separating children from families is not a Texas value. Melissa will work for aggressive oversight of immigration detention facilities. She is also concerned about the federal discussion regarding the deportation of long-term Vietnamese residents.

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Proudly endorsed by Planned Parenthood Texas Votes, Melissa Noriega supports the right of women to make their own decisions about their health. Planned Parenthood is a vital part of the Texas healthcare community and she will fight for their ability to continue providing comprehensive health services to families across the state. She also believes the State of Texas should accept the Medicaid expansion funds and provide healthcare for our families-those are our tax dollars going to other states instead of addressing the healthcare needs of Texans.

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Endorsed by many labor unions, Melissa believes workers have the right to organize and that the minimum wage should be $15 an hour. She comes from a union family and is a champion of and a friend to labor.

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Many parts of District 145 have a significant problem with stray dogs. People have the right to enjoy and walk in their communities safely. If elected, Melissa pledges to work with local no-kill shelters and with community groups that offer spay and neuter services.

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Climate change is real and Melissa Noriega understands that Houston must be part of the solution to this problem. Melissa will work as a partner with local industry to support climate policy that will protect the future of our children.

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The Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsed Melissa Noriega because she supports the dignity of every individual and believes all people merit the full protection of the law. She stands firmly as an ally to the entire community.

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District 145 residents lose time stuck on streets waiting for trains to pass. Melissa knows this from her own experience as a 30 year resident of the district. Melissa Noriega will work with industry and government to address this daily quality of life issue.